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Today marks the first day of the Week of the Templars over at Funcom in anticipation for their darkly realistic MMO The Secret World.  Who knew secret societies were so open with their recruitment policies?  First up, screenshots detailing the militaristic vibe these Templars give off.  No doubt we'll learn more about them as the week progresses, and they'll be plenty of exclusives for those that head over to The Secret World Facebook page

Having spent a decent enough time following the Templars as they have been portrayed by Disney and Dan Brown, I've always been a bit overly fascinated with this secret society in particular.  So far it looks as if Funcom is taking more than a page out of the German Third Reich play book, which means these are Templars you don't want to mess with.  

The Secret World is set to launch April 2012 on PC and Xbox 360.  Hit the jump to check out the screenshots and see if this is the faction for you.





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