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There are some new screenshots floating around for Frostbyte’s upcoming side-scroller, Trine 2, and boy do they make me want to play the game right now.

Based on the screenshots, the game will have a variety of levels for you to explore and unique monsters for you to smack around. The stages are alive, not just boring backdrop pieces as well, complete with giant spiders, pits of lava, and even falling snow. At least, I hope that giant spider is part of the background and not a boss, it looks mean. From on top of a beautiful, snowing mountain to the insides of a volcano, I’m sure there is something you’re going to enjoy exploring.

Either way, the game is very pretty. After all, the vivid colors just smack you right in the face. I swear I can just about feel the hot lava. But why do I need to tell you? Just look at the screenshots.




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