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I'm even more excited about Dragons vs. Unicorns now that I've seen the multiplayer gameplay video Digital Harmony released today.  Before I wasn't even sure what kind of game we were talking about, and was willing to build anticipation on the premise alone.  Now I realize that what we're talking about here is a tower defense game along the lines of Plants vs. Zombies, and even now I can feel my brain tingling with excitement.  

You probably don't know this, but PvZ is quite possibly my favorite game of all time.  My only issue with it (sorry ComradePants) is that I don't like the undead.  They kinda creep me out. So here comes DvU to provide all the cuteness and charm of the game it's cloning but without the needless hordes of undead.  I think I might just die from happy.  

No word yet about when we'll see the game released, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll report back to you as soon as I find out.  Hit the jump to watch the multiplayer footage.  Even raw as it is this game looks killer fun.



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