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Once upon a time there was was a brilliant game called Psychonauts, set in a Summer camp for psychics.  It was the game that put Double  Fine on the map and charmed the hearts of millions.  For years gamers have been clamoring for a sequel (heck, I'd even accept just a rerelease of the first game with updated graphics), and yesterday Tim Schaeffer replied to the community -- and one community member in particular answered back.

In an interview with DigitalSpy Schaeffer mentioned that he's pitched Psychonauts 2 to a couple of publishers, none of which wanted to fund the project.  This was sad news indeed, until Markus "Notch" Persson, father of Minecraft, tweeted that he wanted to fund the project himself.   The result was talks between the two gaming innovators and palpitations in more than one gamer's heart.

Even though we're not supposed to get our hopes up, I can't help it.  Double Fine has done a pretty decent job of providing small scale projects that reflect the charm and wit they are so known for, but many of us yearn for the day when we can stand on the rooftops and yell "Gogglor Lives!"

[via Joystiq, source @Notch]

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I recall Arturis loving this game and it was a blast to watch him play it.

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The answer to world peace and ending starvation? More Psychonauts!

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