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Valve posted a picture of half of P-Body being measured by a measuring tape on their Portal Facebook page just the other day. Normally, I would find it to be nothing, but the caption of picture was an ominous “Hmm… Wonder what could this be for?”

My guess is Valve has something planned for Portal 2. Of course, the image is way too vague to tell what it may be, whether it’s new game content or maybe a fresh line of Portal Action Figures. All we can get from image is the figure stands at almost exactly twelve-inches. Nothing still comes to mind… but if it is figures, well, my bank might take a dip here soon…

My hope is that new DLC will emerge where you get to play as a toy version of the Portal characters in a Toy Story-esque fashion. Then again, I might be over-thinking this. Aw well, stay tuned for what’s to come!


Hmm... wonder what this could be for?

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If they are coming out with Atlas and P-Body toys that are nearly a foot tall, Im going to have to clear off some room on my desk...

...a lot of room...

[Mandifesto] @ 5:26:31 PM Apr 17, 2012
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Sorry, vetoed mister.  

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But but but PORTAL!

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