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GameGeex - Deus Ex Human Revolution goes gold Square Enix's gritty sci-fi RPG is heading to Kinkos.

Today Square Enix announced that Deus Ex Human Revolution has gone gold.  I was a little concerned about this game when I read the comics.  There was so much hardcore realism in them I thought perhaps I was stuck in a Wes Craven movie .  Watching the playthrough last week at SDCC though, I learned some great things about this, the first sequel to Warren Spector's RPG masterpiece:  You don't have to kill a single person.  All the blood and guts in the comics were I guess, an alternate timeline, one where I wasn't playing the game, but a different gamer had come along and picked up the controller.  In their playthrough heads were severed, limbs torn from torsos, and screams filled the night.  In mine, well let's just say it will be a little less Ryu Hayabusa and more Solid Snake.

Choose how you will play the game when it comes to a console (or PC) near you August 26th.

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