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GameGeex - Geek Morning America: What do you play when the power goes out? This morning we ask game geex how they game when the juice ain't flowing.

Yesterday 5 million people in California, Arizona, and Mexico suffered under one of the worst power outages in years.  Several million people are still without power, and it reminds me of my days spent huddled in the dark around two candles during Florida’s tropical storms.  As a gamer, the thought paralyzes me, but as a writer it intrigues me.  How do you game when there is no power? 

I want to hear from you readers:  What do you when the power goes out?  Do you have any suggestions for the gamers in the West who are reading our site on their mobile devices and praying the ordeal will end so that they can get their game on?

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I can't survive without the internet. Once there was a powercut, and the house became so cold, I couldnt cook. So I tried to order a pizza. Sooner or later the power in my part of town connected, and I went online ot order pizza. It took me about and hr, becase the power was out in those areas, so their online ordering was down. I was so pissed off!! lolol

But other then that, when the power is out, I like ot read a lot. I stream most of my anime, so that's out of the question.

But I also like  to slam Pokemon a lot. I'm 21, and I still ain't tired of that shit. LOL

[Sir Loin of Beef] @ 8:51:57 AM Sep 9, 2011
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Last time my house got hit by a power outage I ended up killing time with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on my PSP. There was a full moon out, so I just sat on the back porch with my dog walking around and waited for the power to come back on whilst smacking around Rathian.

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Playing D&D by candlelight seemed to work pretty well, though it was difficult to read the character sheets.

[Fragnotmyass] @ 9:29:46 AM Sep 9, 2011
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Well I guess Fullerton, Orange and Sedona wasn't affected by this power outage cause we were up playing until 2 am HAHA

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We used to play DnD with gas lamps. Past games have also been Magic the Gathering. These days I have spare batteries for mobile devices, so there is still technology and thanks to "aircards" and "mifi"s internet is not that far off if wanted or needed.

This past storm that swept through we had our currect favorite game Conquest Tactics to play.

There is tons to do without power though, well besides rock in a corner beacuse you're going through detox.

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Well, if there was ever a power outage... I um.. play with action figures lol? Too bad they're all still in the box XD. I'm a huge collector for the darn things.

But most likely, i'll just try to sleep despite how hard it is to do sometimes ha!

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