Today Popcap announced that Plants vs Zombies 2: It's about Time will be releasing on July 18th exclusively for iOS devices.  That means that if you have an Android phone or were looking to play the sequel to PvZ on your console, you're outta luck.  I, however, am such a fan of the first game that I would probably go out and buy an iPhone or iPad just to play PvZ 2.  If there is a version of the game out there, chances are I have played it until the Tree of Wisdom divulged all his secrets.  

The biggest part of this announcement comes when you realize that Plants vs Zombies 2 will be completely Free to Play.  That's right folks, all the Crazy Dave antics, all the plant growing fun, all the zombie destruction you yearn for -- all for the low, low price of free.  

If you can't wait to play PvZ2, might I suggest the social game they just launched on Facebook, Plants vs Zombies Adventures.  They've gone isometric with this little gem, which adds a new dimension (see what I did there?) to the gameplay as the zombies beset you from all sides.  Personally I find it less like a social game and more a tower defense RTS.  And that is a very, very good thing.  Hit the jump to watch the PvZ2 announcement trailer.



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TAKE MY MONEY (that you arent asking for)

(and that I technically dont have)


(ok, I just want to play this game until my brain bleeds)

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Oh dear lord... Hopefully my little brother doesn't see this... He loves them iOS games. His level of.. love.. isn't human ._.

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