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Rockstar Games have finally released game play of Grand Theft Auto V. I've always been a fan of the GTA series and can't wait to see what new stories lye within this crazy new carjacking game. The game is set in Southern California and will feature a vast open world. There will also be a multiplayer mode called Grand Theft Auto Online. Basically the world is filled with people everywhere. There is no news on what the multiplayer features will hold. Intrigued? You should be.

My love for Grand Theft Auto has always been strong even though the fourth game wasn't the greatest. I started off back in Vice City when I was twelve years old. At first I was just expecting some mindless carjacking and shooting game, but the stories behind all these Rockstar Games are incredibly good. The characters are very likable and it feels like your living life throughout a movie. Getting drunk and doing cocaine in make believe is fun too.

The primary thing that annoyed me was that Grand Theft Auto IV lacked vehicles. San Andreas had tons of vehicles, from cars, motorcycles, down to jet packs and planes. Grand Theft Auto V will have an huge array of vehicles making it that much more exciting, especially since all the vehicles are fully customizable.

Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing this year on September 17 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Now gaze upon the glory of open world madness!


Trailer Via RockstarGames

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[GodzillaIsYourDaddy] @ 1:39:56 PM Jul 12, 2013
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Looks quite promising, I like the idea of switching between characters on the fly. So much opportunity here!

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