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It's official! The location for the next League of Legends All-Star event is the Le Zenith Arena located in Paris, France. The big live eSports event will be held on Thursday May 8th, 2014 to Sunday May 11th, 2014. Following a very successful live event in Shanghai, China at the 2013 All-Stars, it was no surprise at all that Riot Games would decide to hold another world event.

We're excited to announce that the 2014 League of Legends All-Star event will be held in Paris, France. Taking place from Thursday, May 8 to Sunday, May 11 at Le Zenith Arena, a new format will feature the All-Star Invitational and All-Star Challenge. With these changes, the event will showcase competition from both the top teams and the favorite pro-players from each region in four days of competition.

The All-Stars event will have a different set-up this year with two events:

The All-Star Invitational

Serving as this year’s main event, the All-Star Invitational will bring together the regional winners of the NA LCS, EU LCS, LPL, GPL, and OGN Champions. These five teams will duke it out in group stage play, with the top four advancing to a best-of-three semifinal. The winners will meet in in a best-of-five final to compete for the $50,000 winner-take-all prize.

The All-Star Challenge

At the beginning of each day of competition, players will be able to watch The All-Star Challenge, a series of games featuring two mixed region rosters. Players will not only elect two pros from their region to play in the Challenge event, they will also vote to influence aspects of the modes that the pros play. Player Voting begins on Sunday, March 30, so mark your calendars!

Right now, the voting period for your nation's Pro-League selections is undisclosed at this time but I predict a late-March to April for that. I feel the voting will be much tighter this year since the LCS has some great individual talent. However, it is very likely will see picks from the teams who are seeded in the top 4.

As for me, my predictions will be:

  • TOP: Dyrus from TSM or Balls from C9 as both of them are rather consistent players
  • JUNGLER: Meteos, who is NA's most aggressive playmaker and strategist
  • MID: Bjergersen from TSM who made a rather successful NA debut following his moments in the EU scene.
  • ADC: Doublelift from CLG or Wildturtle from TSM, who both share incredible mechanics.
  • SUPPORT: Xspecial from TSM or Lemon from C9 who both have excellent playmaking ability.
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