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Have you ever experienced a story that moved you, surprised you, and touched you in a way that didn't always feel comfortable, but definitely felt meaningful?  That was my experience playing Gone Home.  It only took a few hours to get through the game, but it stayed with me for days afterward.  It's the sort of game that I wouldn't recommend to everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of nonlinear storytelling games.

Today the game's creators over at The Fullbright Company announced that Gone Home will be heading to consoles this Fall.  They haven't given any specifics on which consoles will get the chance to share this game with their player base, but my guess it will be an XBLA and PSN title.  And of course since it's a Steam title already, you can play the game on the Steam Box of your choice.  We'll have more details on this as we discover them.  Until then, enjoy the console announcement trailer, and be moved all over again.



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