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I used to say that I don't post about crowdfunding campaigns, but considering how much awesome floated before my eyes today, I realized I simply cannot hold myself back any longer.  So I thought that rather than limit myself to writing about one of these great game concepts, I would instead share all three with you, so that you too can follow (or even support as your heart and wallet move you) these projects for yourself.

So without further ado, here's a little mini gaming crowdfunding roundup.



This is an open-world voxel-based RPG built by a small team of French game developers over at Cubical Drift. The minute I saw the game art I was interested, but I was completely hooked when I realized this was the lovechild of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Mojang's Minecraft.  That's a little ironic really, considering the hullabaloo that arose between Bethesda Softworks and Mojang a while back -- but I digress.

The Planets³ Kickstarter campaign is pretty ambitious, but they look like they are on track to receive all of the $250,000 they are asking for.  I will be keeping a close eye on this game 





Counterplay Games has just formed out of developers from Blizzard Entertainment and Insomniac, and the pro experience just drips off the images from Duelyst, a turn-based tactical RPG. Combining beautiful music, gorgeous character design, and a retro feel, Duelyst in on track to already be an entry on many Game of the Year lists.

This Kickstarter campaign is already halfway to its $68,000 goal, so we'll definitely see some stretch goal goodness out of this one.  



Frog Fractions 2

If you haven't heard of Frog Fractions, don't worry.  I hadn't either until today.  Evidently I really missed the boat last year, because this little edu-tainment game captured the hearts and minds of a huge segment of the gaming community back in 2012 (or was it 2013?  Wikipedia is being unclear on this.) Whenever the original game "launched" (read: was shared a lot on Twitter), the creator Jim Crawford has announced he will be making a sequel.  The trick is, he's not going to tell people what the sequel will be, because he wants to float the completed game out to the gaming press labeled as something else and let the gaming community figure it out.

Sound strange?  Most definitely.  The Kickstarter campaign for the game that is currently labeled Frog Fractions 2 is about 1/4 of its way to the $60,000 goal, and I really have a feeling that all of us are going to want in on this.




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Hmmm I want in on this Duelyst thang, looks pretty sweet!

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In for Duelyst on the early bird, looks dang cool. Now I got to check out this Planets game.

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