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Update:  It appears that Brandon Laatsch never actually got permission from Mojang to create this film, and Notch is putting the kaibash on it since there's no money going to Mojang in order to license the Minecraft IP.  We'll keep an eye out on this if anything changes.  I guess my hundreds of dollars are safe for the moment. [Thanks for the heads up Kangoshi!]

Original Article: I don't write about Kickstarter campains much, mostly because I tend not to see gaming crowdfunding initiatives as interesting.  So someone is building a My Little Pony theme park entirely out of LEGO, why should I inflict their Kickstarter on my readers?  Well this crowdfunding campaign is worth not only your time, but also your shares.  Why?  Because this campaign is looking to fund a feature length Minecraft movie from the brilliant mind of Brandon Laatsch.

Minecraft machinima holds a special place in my heart, since I spend so much time in the game building my own stories (pun intended), I really love seeing how artists use the blocky blank canvas to create their own fiction.  For that reason I pine for more episodes of Seedlings.  But Birth of Man, Brandon Laatsch's project, looks to be epic in both scale and content, and takes the uniquely Rocket Jump style and applies it to an entire movie.

I know we have at least a few readers (*ahem* writers) who are budding film creators themselves, so you'll be interested to know that several of the reward tiers involve hands on experience learning VFX and filmmaking from the master himself.  There is a tutorial available for those that spend pledge $750, and for the truly hardcore you can plunk down $10,000 for an ENTIRE SEMESTER of film school, on set, making the movie at Node Studios.  And yes, this comes with a film credit for your resume afterward.  If I were at all interested in film making I would be pulling out all the funding stops to snap  up a chance for that learning experience.

Me, I'm more of the "spend a night in an actual Minecraft cabin" sort of girl.  Not that I have the $5,000 to spend on such an experience, but I'm sorely tempted by the tier that would allow me to log in to their dedicated server and help build sets for the film.  

Here's my call to action.  Watch the video and please share it with your friends, family, etc.  Let's get this film made. Even if you don't contribute money, if the movie gets created that's a win for all gamers, since it will be released for free on Youtube.  Now that's worth a share, right?

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Good things in store here. These guys do fantastic work.

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You know, I run a Mincecraft server for my gamming community however I've never played it. This movie is genius and I can see lots of work and dedication involved to put this all together. I love Kickstarter campaigns!

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