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Ever wonder what kind of communication goes down when playing a game at a higher level? Here's a match that took place during yesterday's Rogue Knight Gaming Call of Duty practice. The team isn't so hot yet as we're still going through the process of getting accustomed to a new player on the roster. Nonetheless, the game's ending came down to a valiant effort of trying to come back from a 140 point Hardpoint mode deficit against another team of four.

Times are tough when trying to get used to a new playstyle, but you just have to play on and keep practicing. The map being showcased is Raid on the gametype Hardpoint. Every minute, a point on a map will spawn and holding it gives your team points. Consider it King of the Hill where the hill rotates to different locations on the map

As you can see, every piece of the map has a name and communication has to be at its finest. You'll notice the comm picks-up the pace towards the end which is where the team starts to make a come-back. Unfortunately, we do fall short 213 - 250 but not without effort. Got to admit defeat every once in awhile, right?

Check out the gameplay footage below. Forgive the quality. Youtube didn't register the video as 720p but the audio is great:


Ken "Chaobo" Serra

Thomas "Respawn" Skidmore

Ryan "Soggy" Irish

Zachary "DaringDenguin" LoPresti


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[Mandifesto] @ 5:57:40 PM Jul 10, 2013
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Slick, I'll have to make sure I watch this when the baby gets to sleep.  I don't think he'd appreciate all the gunfire while he's chowing down on Cheerios

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Hmmm I definitely need to work on a new intro, or at least one that combines GGX and RKG. That'll all come later!

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Almost came back from that, nicely done.

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Yea, the team needs to break our habit. We also do poorly in the beginning and when we rev up, we just go! We're like a race horse. The occasions where we open the match well, the score is NEVER even close. I guess we're pretty good at either keep advantages or gaining them. Just comes down to how long it takes before it happens.

[hanzotheapache] @ 6:08:59 PM Jul 18, 2013
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Team work is essential but i used to be part of in CoD4 we used to win ladder matches twl and majorleaguegamers problem is these new maps are not built for skill anymore especially since xbox and ps picked it up. I could go 70~0 on pc now im lucky to break evenon xbox

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CoD4 was when I played at my highest level; that and Halo 2-3. The maps have indeed changed over the years, favoring long distance engages over shorter ones. They're slowly evolving back into what it once was. This map has several longer engages while retaining patches that favor SMGs and what not.

In-general though, the maps are good but they don't cater to every game mode so you have to go out and master 9+ different maps for different game types, heh.

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