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Candy Crush Saga has been, well, crushing the mobile competition since it came out in 2012, but that isn't enough for the game's developer. wants to make sure that no one else can make a game using their signature confection, and so they are in the midst of a trademark bid that seems to be reaching a successful conclusion.

I admit that I came late to the candy swapping party, so I haven't gained the multicentennial levels other players have, but it's definitely my go to game for when I need to kill a few minutes (and brain cells).  The idea that wants to trademark something as ubitquitous as "candy" is not only ludicrous, it's insulting to me as a gamer and a game developer.  There are plenty of clones already out on the market, each of them vying for a piece of the teeth rotting pie, so the fact that they are trying to keep games off the market that are similar to theirs strikes me as distinctly "too little, too late."  

It seems though that should this trademark come to fruition that the affect would land not only on games, but anyone creating apps that have the word "candy" in them.  Even with the trademark application only partially approved, has already begun to start threatening other games in the App Store that have the offending word somewhere in their title.  Sucks to be you, candy recipe app creators.  Let's just hope that some smart judge sees this for the snide little power play it is and busts it before it gets to full power.

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Trademarking the term "Candy" O.o? That's actually kinda sweet.

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Hey wasn't this like when Wal-Mart wanted to trademark the smilely face?

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