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The word "crazy" doesn't even begin to describe the newest Super Smash Bros. Super epic brawling at its finest, Super Smash Bros. 3DS allows you to take the mayhem on the go with very little sacrifice to your gameplay experience . I was fortunate enough to able to get a play session in despite a long line.

The demo didn't really have the crazy roster so I just went out and chose Mario. I lost. Badly. But I still had a blast! (Literally). Right off the get go, the game feels like the combination of both Melee and Brawl; the game was fast paced yet had a level of polish to it that makes it feel updated. Playing the game is very straight forward and will be familiar to fans of the fighting series. You have two buttons for special and basic attack, the joystick for motion and up,down,left right attacks, then you a have the bumpers for dodge and evade.

With the dual screen of the 3DS, you get the action on top and the details on the bottom. No more damage percentages cluttering your combat view. It's both a good and bad thing because on one hand, you get all the graphics unhindered but on the other hand, I had to move my eyes down too far which was distracting. The graphics honestly aren't that bad for a portable. They are cell shaded which means the colors were very bold; its not for everyone. If you can look around that, the visuals of the game are fantastic. They are, at the very least better than Melee's graphics, in my opinion.

All in all I was fairly impressed by a portable Smash Bros. I'm sure a lot of fans will pick up both the WiiU and the 3DS version. Those that only have a 3DS won't be missing much from not picking up the Wii U version; of course, very few gaming moments beat throwing a bomb at the person sitting next to you.

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I can't wait to pick it up when it comes out in October. 

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