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Anyone who is on our XBox Live friends list will see that in our household Crimson Alliance is still getting a lot of play.  The achievements are driving the replayability of the title, naturally, and we've fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.  So imagine my delight when I received word from Certain Affinity that today they are announcing their first DLC for this little gem of an Action RPG.

The expansion back is called Vengeance, and will include two additional campaign stages and a Challenge Map tantalizingly dubbed "Fistful of Coins." Maybe after playing that I can finally afford the staff I wanted to get.  The two campaign levels add more bosses, more mobs and hopefully more puzzles to figure out.  The puzzles were in many ways my favorite part of the game.

No word yet on whether or not they will add a fourth character to the roster to complete the set.  Right now it's still a four player game with only three playables, and that bothers the obsessive-compulsive in me. Vengeance will come to XBLA October 12th, for 240 points (around $3.00).  I'd say it's definitely worth it.  

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I dont think I can turn down fresh content for an awesome game ^_^

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