After a successful yet quirky launch for Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Elite, with all the in-game balancing and all, they’ve decided to finally unveil they’re content plan for the next nine months for Elite premium members. The first piece of DLC MW3 will see involves two maps called Liberation and Piazza.

From the looks of it, both maps add a bit of flavor to the game but I was hoping for larger sniper-friendly maps to add to the plenty of CQB maps we already have. I’m not going to count IW down and out quite yet, as their plan involves 20 pieces of new content inside nine months which include new maps, spec-ops missions, story, and more they’ve yet to reveal. With the combined power of IW, Sledgehammer, and Raven, they’re saying the content additions will come in fast and in a larger variety than CoD fans have seen it.

In addition to in-game content, Elite will also continue to steadily evolve into what they’ve envisioned for it to be, much like how Gamegeex has since launch. To open up the season, Elite will also be offering new objectives and missions where players will get the chance to win real prizes.

The one issue is that Elite members will get the content earlier and for free, while the rest of the masses have to wait to purchase the content a la carte like it has always been done in the past. Is it enough to get you to purchase the Elite subscription? Well, if you’re a big Call of Duty player, chances are you already did. But it definitely isn’t a bad option now if you haven’t been sure on subscribing or not.


[Trailer by Gamespot]


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So I don't know how I feel about this game anymore. Infinity ward has done nothing to fix their game. Yes I know they are going to update "soon"

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