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Gaijen Entertainment has released a few new screenshots and an alpha test trailer for its upcoming title, World of Planes. No, not World of Warplanes and yes, there is a difference. WoP seems to revolve around a more serious aerial simulation (a more realistic style of gaming) where as’s WoWP seems to be based on its tank counter-part as an action-MMO. Anyways, let’s get on to the analysis of the trailer.

The game appears to be played in first-person, allowing the player to look forward and to the sides as a point-of view. I’m usually annoyed by first person fliers but find them more amusing to play sometimes. I guess this game wants to emphasize realism so it would make sense. The maps are large-scale and the game does not fall short on detail. The landscape, the cities, the water all appear to be part of the battlefield. The game looks huge and numerous mass fighter v. fighter battles are made possible. The trailer shows plenty of aerial assaulting but some land battles as well. Aside from that, different planes have different uses such as the showcasing of the basic dogfighter planes and the larger bomber planes.

As for what kinds of things players will get to destroy on the ground, who knows (perhaps anti-air cannons)? But here’s the trailer for you to see yourself.



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[Fragnotmyass] @ 12:45:25 AM Sep 7, 2011
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This game looks awesome, too bad my computer would explode if I were to run it on it.

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You know, I *did* think World of Planes and World of Warplanes were the same game, and was confused as to why the game seemed to keep shifting its focus every time I saw anything about it. Thanks for clearing that up! ^_^

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That's two name mix-up! Not only do I know that Rise Against and Rage Against the Machine are different bands, I also know the difference between WoP and WoW!!.... WoW.... What?

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