In little over a week, Winter is Coming.  Not that we're suddenly going to get a new Song of Ice and Fire book, but A Game of Thrones -- Genesis will be released, giving us the GRRM fix we need to tide us over until season 2 starts on HBO (or a new book comes out next year -- heh, made myself laugh there.) 

In anticipation of the RTS launch, Focus Home Interactive released an official trailer today.  Now you have something to watch instead of GoT reruns on HBO GO.  I myself am mildly interested in the game -- not so much for the strategy elements, but for the lore.  I'm hoping we get some nice, deep story that backs up nicely with the books we all know and love.  And if you don't know and love them, shame on you.  

A Game of Thrones -- Genesis will be available for PC September 29th.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer.  Boiled leather not included.




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