When the stars are right... No it's not time for Cthulhu but you might see his influence in the latest offering of free MMOs on the market. The Secret World has added a subscription free model to their game and the only thing you have to do is pay for a copy of the game. Going forward you can option to buy DLC as it's released. To date they've released what they consider 4 DLC updates or content updates as we call them in the MMO world. The 5th such update, The Vanishing of Tyler Freeborn, comes out in only a few days.

Funcom says those who buy the game prior to December 31st will get all 5 content updates for free as well as an Initiate Pack, a stronger starter weapon, Blood Raven pet and some social clothes. I for one have been wanting to take a crack at this game since beta but just couldn't justify another subscription, it looks like I wasn't the only one. Now with two quality free mmo options out there I have to figure out how to juggle my time. Watch out all you Templars, my Dragon is coming for you.


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I agree, the beta for this game was interesting but didn't manage to push past the "worth another monthly fee" barrier.

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Awesome.. i enjoyed the beta but couldnt afford the subscription. Guess i know what to put on my xmas list now :)

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