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Ever the one to mess with the heads of the fanbase, Capcom has put out another teaser for their upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken game. While the previous ones where fairly easy to figure out as to who they were highlighting, this one ups the difficulty level considerably. Check it out below.



As to who the trailer is showing off, we've got several hints to work off of: the character is dark skinned, wears yellow, and is barefoot. Those familiar with Street Fighter's vast roster may think of Dhalsim, however, closer inspection reveals the clothing to be more in line with Dee Jay, or even Sean from 3rd Strike (not that the game needs any more shotos). However, those with Tekken knowledge may draw a similarity to Eddy Gordo, who also shares the same characteristics. In fact, the light blue spot on the yellow pants (which you can see in the banner) has the closest similarity to him than anyone else (though most of his artwork shows green instead, it is the closest match I can come up with). Knowing Capcom's mind tricks, we may actually be looking at two different characters here instead of just one, so it could be any of the above.

Who do you think we're looking at here?


[via iPlaywinner]

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1+ for Eddie from Tekken 3. More of a hope than a real guess. More of a burning, deep-seated desire, actually. 

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At least if Eddie is released, he won't be as button-masher friendly as he is in his home games.

I'm hoping it's Sean though!

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